About the author

I don’t know what I am supposed to put here. One of my sons set up this little website for me so that people could get an idea of the book. Maybe I should just be pleasantly surprised that he thought anyone would be even vaguely interested in his mother.

                     So what can I say? Well, first of all, I could use the space to confess that I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or an analyst –  so my knowledge of Jung is not academically or professionally condoned in any way. Looking back, however, I find I can lay claim to a degree in veterinary medicine. So I’m pretty solid on kittens – though if you read the book you may find this hard to believe.

                 I should also confess that I have not read Fifty Shades Of Grey – not even out of curiosity. Which is certainly a sad sign of ageing, and I think we should all guard against this kind of thing and maybe go out and buy the book directly because  ignorance of the current can be detrimental in so many ways. For instance – it is just now, at the point of no return, that I have discovered that my ‘female love interest’ (as these characters are sometimes called) has the same Christian name as the young lady whose sexual experiences have been such an all round inspiration.

      I was understandably anxious about this – in case the coincidence should mislead, raising false hopes and so on. So I must just point out that there are no explicit sex scenes in Jung For Kittens. If you want sex that’s shrouded in shades of grey you’d do better to try and find Freud For Kittens. I haven’t written it but somebody might have.

                So. Is there anything else I need get off my chest? Well, I could confess to being English. To living in Gloucestershire. To having a husband of so many years standing it’s almost embarrassing in this day and age. To having twin sons –  both of whom are professional musicians but only one of whom talks to fairies. Between us all we run a sculpture exhibition here in the garden in May and June and a live music festival, also in the garden, in July. Neither of these are intended to be profit-making, they are intended to be opportunities for other people, and consequently they both have  much better websites than this one (showborough.com and theliveexperiencefestival.com).

               ( P.S. Incase these websites create confusion : ‘Green’ is my maiden name. I thought I might use it one more time. Also, I wanted to be reminded of Ben K. Green, an old Texan veterinary surgeon who wrote a wonderful book about horse dealing in the days when horses figured even more prominently in his way of life. It afforded me hours of pleasure (plus a deep knowledge of arsenic doping) and it remains a comforting escape route on dark afternoons. We lived in Texas for a few years in the eighties and I count myself grateful for those times. Especially a veterinary conference that we went to during our first week there! All those cowboy boots propped up on the desks and the bootlace ties and the Stetsons! Talk about a culture shock! It was marvellous. So a thank you to the  U.S. of A. for the memories. And, though he may well be dead by now, a thank you to Ben K. Green for his. It feels good to share his name.)